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Helpful Tips

Here are some inspirational quotes to help you push through that tough class!
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." 
                -- Aristotle

"With will one can do anything."
                -- Samuel Smiles

"Dream big and dare to fail."
-- Norman Vaughan

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Eating Right

Certain foods can have positive effects on the brain. Eating foods that contain specific nutrients can help sharpen the memory, improve a person's mood and help keep the mind active... Read more here!

Research shows eating habits play a major role in brain function and academic performance. A nutritious diet won't make up for poor study habits, but it may be just the tool you need to take your scholastic capabilities several notches higher... Read more here!

Some foods are not only healthy, but also have significant positive impact in maximizing brain functioning. These foods are useful when consumed prior to a memory-orientated activity such as studying... Read more here!


Getting Sleep

While 8 hours of sleep may be ideal for some, others may need more or less sleep. Here are some ways to figure out how much sleep you need... Read more here!

Getting good night's sleep isn't something a person should have to work for. But, for many of us with some form of insomnia, getting to sleep and staying asleep isn't easy... Read more here!

Managing Time

Effective time management will not only help you accomplish your goals, but also improve your health by diminishing stress-related headaches, shoulder pain and digestive issues... Read more here!

It is just as important to have a strategy to best to utilize time as it is to develop budgets and business plans. Gaining the skills to manage time effectively requires the discipline to make a plan and stick to it... Read more here