Raising The Bar Academic Coaching


Set new standards. Reach new heights. 
Raise The Bar.

Why We're Different

The Academic Coaches at Raising The Bar have been tutoring for several years apiece.  In this time, many of us have heard out of students' mouths:


  • "My teacher goes through material WAY too fast and I feel overwhelmed"
  • "I am afraid to ask questions because I don't want to feel 'dumb'"
  • "I missed a day of class, and I don't know if I can catch up"
  • "Math is hard, and I am not a 'math person'"
  • "Currently, I am not passing, and I am wondering if I should withdraw"
  • "I am in Calculus, but I am really struggling with the Algebra"
  • "I really need one-on-one help"
  • "I got all A's in high school, but college is so much harder"


We know that these thoughts can enter students' minds and affect performance.  If the anxiety increases too much, many students shut down, and can even give up on school.  Students that are paying for their education out of pocket or through loans often can't afford failing a course.  The cost of an Academic Coach's time is a worthwhile investment, and the Academic Coaches at Raising The Bar are among the best.


Our services differ from other tutoring companies because of several distinguishing factors.  Our Academic Coaches are:


1. AFFORDABLE. We charge $40/hr for 1-1 during the school year, with group rates also available.  Skype tutoring is available for $35/hr. Several learning centers cost $50 or more per hour for one-on-one assistance. We offer a free consultation hour to discuss the needs of the student, provide initial resources, and discuss appropriate scheduling to ensure success.  For high school students, this is done with the parent(s).

2. QUALIFIED. Several tutoring companies deem their tutors "qualified" using a brief online exam to test competence.  Our Academic Coaches are interviewed, screened, and have degrees in their field(s) of expertise or have taken national standardized tests to demonstrate ability.  Most of our Academic Coaches are CRLA Certified through Red Rocks Community College (See the requirements here). We have noticed that there are plenty of individuals who are experts in their field, but are incapable of breaking concepts down far enough for the student to understand.  Our Academic Coaches can teach HOW to do, not just tell WHAT to do. 

3. PROFESSIONAL.  RTB has a company uniform with our logo to provide the feel of a learning center within your home or at another meeting location.  You can expect our Academic Coaches to conduct themselves as if they were in a business environment.

4. PATIENT.  We know that sometimes students require concepts to be explained or re-explained to stick.  We value and respect this need and will do our best to accommodate.

5. FLEXIBLE.  Most of our Academic Coaches have a decent amount of availability and will work with you and your schedule.  Re-scheduling sessions is typically not an issue.

6. FRIENDLY.  Our Academic Coaches love working with students and making tough subjects more enjoyable.  You can count on a warm, positive, enthusiastic and encouraging demeanor during your sessions.

7. STUDY-SKILL SAVVY.  We know more than our subjects.  We also know how to learn well.  All of our Academic Coaches have worked with students of different learning styles.  They have useful note-taking strategies and techniques to maximize efficiency and cut down on study time. They have a variety of options to offer to cater to your specific style.

We take pride in what we do and want to assist in students' success.  Those who take advantage of our services will set new standards, reach new heights, and ultimately Raise The Bar.